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In Singapore, One Desk provides uplift desk with wheels that allow you to move around easily if needed – like if you need to change locations in order to keep working while others in your household are sleeping or studying.

It’s no secret that standing at work is better than sitting—not only does it boost productivity but it also improves posture and overall health by reducing back pain and joint stiffness.
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Customize your Workspace
to your Ideal Position

Customize your workstation to your ideal position to get a healthy, productive workspace and set yourself up for success. Nowadays, you can find adjustable workstations that are both height-adjustable and length-adjustable desks.

If you don’t have enough space in your office or home for two separate desks (one for sitting down and one for standing), it may be worth considering an adjustable desk that can serve as both!
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Personalize your Workspace

Get a healthy, productive workspace and set yourself up for success. Get started by finding your perfect standing desk solution with your own custom design!

About One Desk
One Desk Singapore offer a wide selection of electric standing desk option that can create a more comfortable and effective way of working.

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