Learn the proper way to use a standing desk with this complete guide

A standing desk may be a good solution if you hear the command to rise and move around more. But there are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing, and you should know how to use a standing desk properly.

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about using a standing desk, from the benefits to the proper setup.

Standing desks: how to use them properly

We all know the feeling. The time has passed since you sat at your desk for hours, and your back is screaming at you. You’re ready to try anything to get relief, so you stand up. But after a few minutes, your feet are killing you. What gives?

If you’re not using a standing desk properly, it can be more harmful than helpful.

Here are some tips for you on how to use a standing desk the right way:

 The monitor should be at eye level – If you are working on a computer or laptop using a standing desk, you have to crane your neck to see the screen, which will cause you to feel a sore neck.

Invest in a good mat – Standing on hard floors all day is no fun (trust us, our previous customers did feel such problems from their experience). A mat will help cushion your feet and make standing more bearable.

Don’t just stand there – make sure you move around a bit. Fidgeting, tapping your feet, and shifting your weight from one foot to the other will all help keep you engaged and prevent you from getting too comfortable.

Make sure you have enough room to move around – Many standing desks are designed for people who want to stand all day, but then they put them in a tiny space.

Adjust your desk according to the correct posture and height – You must know how to operate the standing desk according to your comfortable posture and height because if your posture is not proper, then the desk might create inconvenience and make it difficult for you.

Tips for making the most of your standing desk

It’s no secret that sitting all day is terrible for your health. Standing all day, however, can be equally challenging on your body if you’re one of the lucky few with a standing desk. If you are a gamer, the one who is working from home or using the desk as a standard table, you need specific accessories to make it flexible and comfortable for you.

There are some tips for you to make your standing desks more flexible:

1. Invest in additional accessories for your desk

If you decide to use a standing desk regularly, you might as well equip it with all the accessories that will make it work for you.

Here are some accessories to make standing desks more flexible for you:

CPU Holder: A CPU holder will keep your computer off the ground and within easy reach. In OneDesk, the CPU holders also have lockable wheels.

Caster wheels: Wheels on your desk will make it easy to move around, and it is crucial to create a more flexible workspace

Electric bars:  At OneDesk, we offer Nexen’s electric bars, which have 5 color finish and safety mark certified product

Desk organizer: A desk organizer will help keep your workspace tidy. With this accessory, you don’t need to stay any things additionally on another table.

Under-desk drawer: A desk drawer is a great way to keep all the desk accessories organized. With this accessory, you don’t need to keep an additional tray at the top of the desk.

Monitor raiser: Raiser monitor is a great way to keep your monitor at the right height. If you’re working from home, this would be the best accessory you’ll ever need

Cable management system – Cable management systems will help you effectively manage your monitor’s and other devices’ cables and wires.

Cup Holder – Cup holder is a great way to keep your drinks in place.

You might have a question about where to buy all these accessories to make your standing desk flexible, well the good news is that all of these are made available at OneDesk; you can check it out if you need to have a glance

Keep your desk clean and organized.

A standing desk is only practical if you have a clean and organized workspace. That means no more piles of paper and pens all over the place. Everything should have its designated spot, so you can move around freely without worrying about knocking things over. Trust us; a tidy desk is a key to making the most of a standing desk.

2. Stretch regularly

Stretching aids in releasing muscle tension and can help prevent pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. According to experts, stretching regularly is the key to getting the most out of your standing desk.

That’s right, to avoid the adverse effects of standing for long periods, you need to take a break and do some stretching exercises. Moreover, we’re not just talking about any old stretches, either. It would help if you focused on stretches targeting your lower back, shoulders, and neck muscles.

Consequently, the next time you’re upset with your standing desk, take a break and do some stretches.

also it impacts health of elders in a positive way, read more

How long should you use a standing desk?

A standing desk will help you improve your posture and movement throughout the day.

But how long should you use a standing desk?

The answer, of course, depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you have medical conditions you might exacerbate by standing for long periods, check with your doctor first.

Assuming you’re in good health, though, there’s no need to limit yourself to just an hour or two of standing each day. According to studies, even four hours of standing isn’t too much for most people. Of course, if you’re tired or sore after standing for a while, feel free to take a break and sit down.

Why OneDesk?

There are different standing desk manufacturing brands in the market, but most offer small desks, and their desks don’t come with a height that everyone is comfortable with.

If You want a standing desk that will make you feel like the boss of your office, not some wimpy little desk that screams, “I’m afraid of commitment.” You want a desk that says, “I mean business.” Unfortunately, most of the brands out there offer standing desks with low heights and small surfaces.

But with OneDesk, that’s not the case; the best thing about OneDesk is we offer desks with extra-large surface area. You can finally put all those crucial papers down and have plenty of room to work. However, what makes it unique is its height-adjustable feature. Whether you require a height from 605mm to 1260mm, OneDesk has you covered. Plus, we offer 1000+ laminate designs to choose from, so you can ensure the level of desks we offer our customers!

Standing desks – are they worth it?

You love to spend your days hunched over your desk, staring at a screen. And what’s better than a sore back and neck at the end of the day? We are aware it is meaningless. Because of this, I strongly suggest standing desks. Perhaps you believe that standing desks are the newest craze. And you know what? You’re right! They are the latest craze.

But are they worth it?

Here’s the thing: standing desks are great for your health. They help improve your posture, they can increase your calorie burn, and they can even reduce back pain. They also increase your productivity and mood; who wouldn’t want all of that?

That’s all in this article; we hope you enjoyed reading this article and found the article valuable! Thanks!!

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