How to Choose the
Perfect Standing Desk

There are several factors to consider when you’re choosing a standing desk, including your work habits and workplace environment. You can always customize your workstation to fit your ideal position – which may be different from that of other co-workers.

Additionally, there are many different styles of adjustable tables, so it’s important to choose one that works best for you. What if you want to enjoy a standing desk while still working at home or in an office? Many electric desks can be adjusted quickly and easily based on need. And finally, it’s never too late to update a workplace!
Getting the Best Standing Desk for You is Easy

Choose Desk Frame Size

How big do you want your desk to be? With our 5 standard options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your workspace.

Choose Desk Material

One Desk offers many custom table top materials for further comfort, performance, and simple beauty.

Choose Accessories

Choosing One Desk ergonomic accessories & storage to equip and empower you to take your best work to a new level.

Things You Should Consider
when Buying a Standing Desk

A lot of people buy a standing desk and never use it because they don’t take into account their workspace. The key is to find an ergonomic desk that will fit into your work space whether you’re at home or in an office.

Define Your Space

Do you have a roomy office with plenty of desk space? Then invest in a larger standing desk so that you have options about where to work: sitting or standing. If space is limited, choose a shorter stand-up desk like one from ONE DESK that’ll give you enough room to stand comfortably without taking up too much floor space.

Before purchasing any sort of standing desk, make sure to set aside time for assembly as well—standing desks can be tricky to put together, so don’t rush through it!

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