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One Desk Singapore Frequently Asked Questions provide perfect guide for customers looking for Standing Desks support to the questions.
Why One Desk?
OneDesk is the best Automatic Height Adjustable desk you can find in Singapore.

Firstly, we are focus on bringing freedom of customisation to you, with laminations top, there are many benefits and choices for you to choose, and with freedom of customisation of sizes with the help of our skilled woodcrafters, we are able to resize or event opening holes or reshaping the corners to your liking.

Secondly, we use Premium materials in our desks, which makes the desk sturdy and long-lasting.

Thirdly, our prices are very competitive due to the Customisation, bring you a good affordable value.

Finally, we focus on our customer service, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.
Where do I get One Desk?
Is One Desk products available only online?
How do I get my Installations?
What are the table dimensions for One Desk?
What is the difference between One Desk and another Desk?
Is One Desk available for Kids?
Are electric desks advisable for kids?
What are the height-adjustable dimensions?
How many laminations are available in One Desk?
Is One Desk frame available only in Black & White?
Is One Desk easy to install?
Latest products in One Desk?
How do I purchase One Desk?
What are the One Desk Accessories available?
What is the warranty period of One Desk products?
One Desk product delivery time?
Is One Desk is for corporate customers?
Are you shipping throughout Singapore?
About One Desk
One Desk Singapore offer a wide selection of electric standing desk option that can create a more comfortable and effective way of working.

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