Take Your Workspace to a Whole New Level

One Desk offers modern desks with many custom table top materials for further comfort, performance, and simple beauty. Design the workstation that fits you best, and add shapes to the environment to increase productivity, mood, and health.

One Desk height adjustable desks cut health care costs, absenteeism, increase productivity, increase retention, increase recruitment, increase culture, and increase employee morale. Employers, workers, their families and communities all benefit from One Desk.

Kid's Series

Transforming a plain desk top into an interactive surface. The new laminates surface which is playful yet functional allow you to easily write and draw on tables with dry erase markers or chalk.

Economic alternative for writing boards. Ensure long-lasing readability. No ghosting effect of marker ink.

Anti-Virus Series

Desk top cover with complete range of anti-virus and anti-bacterial laminate layer, treated to eliminate 99.99% of virus and bacteria.

A new leap of innovation, introducing the new anti-virus technology laminate desk top to provide a better safety and health for families.

Anti-Bacteria Series

This anti-bacterial series standing desk is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their workspace clean and germ-free. Its innovative design uses advanced technology to help repel bacteria and germs from the surface of your table.

You can choose your best anti-fingerprint desks from us and reduce the spread of germs and increase hygiene all year round.

Wood Series

Buying a natural wood style like buying an art - wood series are focus on collection specifically curated for their statement quality balanced with utility (practical) value, and hand-finished to be as close representative to nature.

The beauty of well define wood grains will never go out of style. Designers can match from quiet minimalise to bold masculinity easily, and the laminates are ultra-realistic which lies on the precise colour tones.

Our laminates are green certified, they have minimal emission of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Components), suitable to use in environments with strict guidelines like hospital or clinics.

Anti-Fingerprint Series

With layers of high resistence to Fingerprint laminate, we are able to make a modern and slick standing desk. Nyx is the latest model you are able to customise your top with curve edges.

Solid Color Series

Transform your workspace with our solid colour series. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, our desks offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that will enhance any office or home environment.

With a wide range of vibrant solid colours to choose from, you can personalize your desk to match your unique taste and design preferences. Crafted with high-quality materials, our desks are built to withstand daily use and provide a sturdy and durable workspace.

Elevate your productivity and showcase your individuality with our solid colour series

Pattern Series

With wide range of every possible patterns, ranging from naturally occuring stones like marble to fabrics, we are able to create stylish standing desk. This unlocks the potential for many combination of theme.

Our laminates are in ultra-realistic to match like the real materials. This is possible by the use of high end technology printing by our partners.

We do have more other pattern laminates, feel free to reach out to us for more other possible combination to match in any room like kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Luxurious Series

For the most elegant people, we bring you the most elegant way to make the best standing desk closer to your daily jeweries.

We have reflective surface and non reflective surface metal laminate which are also include all the features of scratch resistance, water resistance, anti-micro bacteria, and many more.

Any decoration or setup would look good with our luxurious series.

Gaming Series

We offer you the best gaming desk solution!

Bring you a new gaming experience, with less hassle to stand and sit, moving easily and adjust your posture with just a press of a button. The laminated choosen are fully focus in helping your gaming experience with anti-fingerprint, better hygiene with the help of anti-virus and anti-bacteria technology laminate.

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One Desk Singapore offer a wide selection of electric standing desk option that can create a more comfortable and effective way of working.

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