From idea to Final product: How Standing desks are manufactured at Onedesk

Crafting the perfect standing Desk is an art form. From sourcing high-quality materials to the precise engineering and craftsmanship involved in its construction, each step must be carefully carried out with meticulous attention to detail.

At Onedesk, we take pride in our process of creating custom pieces that are both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. The goal of our company is to provide customers with the best standing desks that are designed to enhance their work or learning experience.

This blog post will explore the journey from idea to the final product – How Onedesk stands desks are made.

Why standing desks are getting more and more popular?


In recent years, standing desks have gained popularity due to their numerous benefits:

  • For starters, standing desks help reduce back pain, as they can be adjusted to the right height and posture for the user. They also help improve circulation, as individuals are not hunched over a desk for long periods.
  • Sanding desks may help boost energy levels since you are not sitting in one spot for too long.
  • Standing desks can even lead to better productivity since they allow users to stand and move around while they work. Considering all these advantages, it’s no wonder standing desks have become so popular.


Step 1: Gathering Materials


The materials needed to manufacture a standing desk vary depending on the type of design. For an industrial-grade desk, the essentials include wood, steel tubing, screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. When selecting wood, consider weight, sturdiness, and stability; plywood and MDF are often great choices.

Stainless-Steel tubing is typically used for the frame of the Desk and should be chosen for its strength and durability; the two frame colors we offer are black and white.

Lastly, the screws, nuts, bolts, and washers will fasten the Desk components together and provide additional stability.

Depending on the style of the Desk, other tools and materials may be necessary, such as a saw or drills.

You can have a sturdy and long-lasting standing desk with the right selection of materials. when it comes to the screen panel for adjustment, we use a variety of materials to fit the adjustable screen panel. Typically, a combination of brackets, threaded rods, linear actuators, and gaskets are necessary to fasten and operate the adjustable screen panel securely. 


What are the Sources of these materials used while making a standing desk?
  • When constructing a standing desk, many materials can be used to ensure durability and longevity. Wood is the most common material since it is lightweight and solid. Painting or staining it can also give an aesthetic look that can fit into any room.
  • Another option is a metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, but we won’t use them.
  • Instead, we collect laminate tops with more than 1000 distinctive designs to match and mix customer needs; our laminates are certified in accordance with Singaporean standards,
  • The certifications of our laminates are Green label, Greenguard, and Microlab.


Step 2: Designing the Desk


– We’ll Begin by deciding what size, shape, and height your Desk should be. Consider factors like how much space you have to work with and how tall you are.

-Deciding what features you would like your standing desk to have, such as electronic height adjustment, cable management, or monitor arms.

– Calculate the measurements for the Desk, we’ll make sure to keep in mind any equipment you may need to fit on it, such as a monitor stand and cup holder, and we’ll design it according to your accessory requirements and the size of the Desk.

– Research the types of materials that best suit your needs and the best color for your home interior(if not mentioned). We’ll also Decide what will give you the optimal support while standing.

-We’ll Plan the production process, from sourcing and cutting raw materials to welding, joining, and assembly(the following process)

– With all these elements taken into consideration, We’ll create a blueprint for your design on paper or through a CAD program before putting all the pieces together in real life.

Tools and techniques used to design standing desks
  • Manufacturers of standing desks use various tools and techniques when designing them.
  • First of all, We’ll consider ergonomics and study the biomechanics of the human body in order to create a product that works well for people of different sizes and shapes.
  • We also use CAD (computer-aided design) software to model 3D images of the Desk, enabling them to try out different ideas and make changes as needed.
  • Additionally, we often take into account aesthetics by selecting high-quality materials for Standing Desk, we’ll use a special coating that removes the stains, and we’ll make decisions in crafting it in the best way possible in order to get the best aesthetics and quality.
  • Good standing desk designs also focus on functionality and usability, taking into account user feedback and incorporating features that make the Desk easy to use.


Step 3: Assembly


Building a standing desk is more than just putting together a few pieces of wood.

At Onedesk, we understand the importance of assembly and have crafted a customized process that meets the needs of our customers.

We source the highest-quality materials (Top-graded Laminates, powder coating, spray-painting) and components to ensure a strong and sturdy frame while incorporating features like height adjustability and extra storage space.

We assemble each piece carefully and securely, ensuring that everything fits snugly and eliminating potential safety issues.

Our skilled technicians pay close attention to detail during the assembly process, creating desks that are durable, reliable, and easy to use. With Onedesk’s custom assembly processes, you can trust our standing desks will remain in great condition for years to come.

Here is what we customize while we assemble :
  • The edges of the Desk
  • The thickness of the Desk
  • The Laminate designs (You can choose from 1000 different laminate designs)


Step 4: Finishing and Delivery


The finish desk is made with a spray-painted and powder-coated finish, and We will add a layer of protection for scratch and bacterial resistance according to the customer’s needs(it usually comes when you purchase an anti-bacterial, Anti-fingerprint, and Anti-virus Desk).

So, Let’s look towards the next step, which is delivery

Here is the process of delivering a standing desk to customers : 
  • First, we take customer orders, either online or by phone, through any of the authorized dealers.
  • When an order is received, Our experts will begin to build the Desk according to the customer’s specifications. This may involve cutting the wood to size, coating the wood with a protective finish, and assembling the Desk (already mentioned above)
  • Once the Desk is ready, it is packaged securely for transportation along with the invoice number of the customer and tracking. Before the process, we will schedule the installation time with the customer so everything will be perfect!
  • The Desk is then shipped to the customer’s premises. Upon delivery, the customer may need to assemble the Desk or place it in their desired spot.


Wrapping it up!


In conclusion,Onedesk has made it remarkably easy for Singaporeans to add a standing desk to their workspace. The process, from idea to final product, is one of impressive quality. At Onedesk, no detail is overlooked in the production of these unique desks, and the customer service experience is top-notch. With customizable features, precise engineering, and competitive pricing, that’s why we proudly to say that we stand out amongst our competitors.

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