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One Desk Singapore Frequently Asked Questions provide real benefits for customers looking for Standing Desks support to the questions.

OneDesk Singapore - Frequently Asked Questions

OneDesk is the best Automatic Height Adjustable desk you can find in Singapore.

Firstly, we are focus on bringing freedom of customisation to you, with laminations top, there are many benefits and choices for you to choose, and with freedom of customisation of sizes with the help of our skilled woodcrafters, we are able to resize or event opening holes or reshaping the corners to your liking.
Secondly, we use Premium materials in our desks, which makes the desk sturdy and long-lasting.
Thirdly, our prices are very competitive due to the Customisation, bring you a good affordable value.
Finally,  we focus on our customer service, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

You can access to one desk products from where you can book your table available from 7 dealers. 

It is available online via dealer’s website and you can also check it physically for one desk from the nearest available dealers in Singapore. Check here to contact the dealers (View nearest outlet)

The time OneDesk takes for installation is approximately 3 working days. You can arrange the installation with our dealers after the purchase.

Table dimension of OneDesk :

  • Small – 1200×600×36
  • Medium – 1500×700×36
  • Large – 1800×800×36
  • Extra Large – 2150×915×36
  • Customisable – contact our dealers

OneDesk is probably the best Height Adjustable desk option for office workspace in Singapore because of its features, customised products, Materials of High quality, and so on.

If you want a desk for kids, OneDesk offers you a desk which can be used as a study desk for kids, If you need a desk that exclusively serves a purpose for the office or work from home – OneDesk also has desks that can be used as a Work desk . Even If you need a desk for Gaming – again OneDesk has a Gaming series desk option for Gamers. So, what makes OneDesk stand out from its competitors is that OneDesk provides you with an All-in-one solution Compared to other desk providers.

Yes, OneDesk has its own series of Desk for Kids. You can take a look at the Kids series (CLICK HERE) from OneDesk

Electric desks have been growing in popularity in recent years, with many people touting the health benefits of using an electric desk. However, there is some concern that these desks may not be appropriate for children.

There are a few reasons why electric desks may not be ideal for kids :

First, children are still growing and their bodies are constantly changing. It’s important to have a desk that can be adjusted to accommodate these changes. Electric desks cannot be easily adjusted, so they may not be suitable for children.

Second, many electric desks have a lot of features that are not necessary for children and may actually be distracting. These features can include things like built-in lighting and fans, or extra USB ports and charging stations. Children may be tempted to use these features when they should be focusing on their schoolwork, which can lead to distraction and decreased productivity.

The Dimensions for Height Adjustment are from 605mm to 1260mm

There are More than 1000+ Different Laminations in OneDesk.

Yes, At the moment OneDesk frames are available only with 2 colors that is : Black and White

The Installation process from OneDesk is Easy and fast. You are able to DIY or contact our installer with a installation fee.

OneDesk will update the latest products on their website, You can check with the dealers or customer service to know more about the latest Products and other queries.

OneDesk products can be booked from certified dealers website or find the outlets nearby your location from our website.

There is a wide range of accessories from OneDesk such as :

  1. Nexen power track
  2. CUP Holder
  3. Cup Holder
  4. Monitor Arm – Single
  5. Monitor Arm – Dual
  6. Anti-Fatigue Mat
  7. Wheels
  8. Cable Tray

OneDesk offers a warranty that is very generous for their customer, check out our warranty page here (CLICK)

The Products will be delivered approximately within 3 working days.

We have a return policy that is unique in the industry. If you are not satisfied with your purchase,
You can check here (CLICK) for More info

OneDesk is a height adjustable desk option for anyone who needs a premium and height quality desk for his or her needs. On one desk – there are types of office desk, work desk, gaming desk, and also desk option that is made for kids, So OneDesk is the solution for all your needs.

Yes, OneDesk is a Singapore Brand and our services are only within Singapore.

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