If you are a working woman, chances are you have encountered some or all of these.

It’s easy to get stressed out in our fast-paced lives. For many women, the traditional 9-to-5 job is just too much. They’re looking for a way to have a better work-life balance, and more and more of them are finding it by quitting their jobs and working from home.

There are enormous benefits to working from home that appeals to women. So, keep reading until the end! In this article, we’ll explain why women quit their regular job and prefer work-from-home solutions to work; we list some informational surveys about this statement you’ve never heard of.

The stresses of the traditional workforce: long hours, childcare, commute

Women in the workforce have long been juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. In addition to their professional duties, they are often responsible for childcare and other household tasks. With longer hours and more responsibilities, it’s no wonder women feel the stresses of the traditional workforce.

Whether trying to balance work and home life or dealing with a long commute, women are constantly under pressure. And with so much on their plate, it’s no wonder they’re feeling burned out.

Taking care of yourself is essential if you’re a woman in the workforce. Make sure to schedule some “me” time for yourself. Whether getting a massage or taking a yoga class, you must find something that helps you relax and rejuvenate. You deserve it!

But again, most of those extra time is not possible in most of the time. It is a sad truth!

Who actually needs a standing desk ?

Why women are choosing work-from-home gigs: family, lifestyle, burnout

As the traditional workforce continues to evolve, more and more women find that work-from-home gigs better suit their lifestyles.

There are different reasons for which women choose work-from-home gigs over traditional jobs:

  • For many women, the ability to set their hours and work from home is a significant factor. Because of their adaptability, they can manage their time between work and family life.
  • Working from home allows you to break from the traditional workforce and focus on personal well-being.
  • The demands of the conventional workforce can be overwhelming, and many women find that working from home helps them to avoid feeling burnt out. In addition, women are often seeking out work-from-home gigs to prevent burnout.
  • The adaptability of working from home can be a significant advantage for women who have young children or other family commitments.
  • Finally, working from home can help reduce stress and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, work-from-home gigs offer several advantages for women.

A recent survey found that women who work from home tend to feel more relaxed. This is likely because they are not commuting, can take breaks when they want, and don’t have to dress up for work.

Working from home has become increasingly popular recently, as technology has made it more accessible. And it’s not just millennials who are doing it – more and more women in their 30s and 40s are quitting their jobs to work from home.

The challenges of working from home: isolation, distractions, self-discipline

The advantages of having a job are numerous at home, but drawbacks come with it.

Here are the four challenges that women face while working from home:

  1. One of the biggest challenges is isolation. Once you’ve become accustomed to working in an office surrounded by other people, adjusting to being alone all day can be challenging. Finding means of remaining connected and avoiding feeling lonely.
  2. Another challenge of working from home is distractions. It cannot be easy to stay focused when so many things are happening around you. Whether it’s your kids, your pets, or just general household noise, it’s essential to find a way to tune it all out and stay focused on your work.
  3. Finally, working from home can be challenging for many women due to menstrual issues. Long days spent sitting can lead to cramps and discomfort, making it difficult to concentrate on work. This also eventually leads to health issues like weight gain, cholesterol, laziness, and more.

So they have got challenges; you may be thinking about how to overcome those challenges.

Well, most women can deal with minor challenges like isolation and distractions.

But what about sitting all day long just for their work?

How are they going to prevent that?

Getting an adjustable height desk for your workspace is the only answer to that problem. Yes, you can read below to know why an adjustable height desk is so powerful for women who work from home!

The benefits of working from home with Height adjustable desk for women

The benefits of working from home are many, but for women, one, in particular, stands out: the ability to adjust their desks to their height.

Improves productivity – For women, a height-adjustable desk can be a game changer in comfort and productivity.

They’re so versatile – height-adjustable desks are perfect for small spaces. If your home only has a tiny amount of room, adjusting your desk height means you can maximize your resources.

Every woman can create her perfect workspace – No more adjusting to fit into someone else’s idea of what’s comfortable.

Keeping a desk near your bed becomes easy – Having your desk near your bed also makes it easier to take breaks when needed. They are movable as they have wheels. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, you can lie down for a few minutes and clear your head. Then, it’s easy to get back to work without losing your place. If you want this benefit, then you need to get a desk with wheels as an add-on, then enjoy moving them wherever you want

Additional tip: If you want to benefit even more from height-adjustable desks, look no further than our accessories. We offer add-on accessories like CUP Holders, trays, and 7 different accessories to make your workspace more customized. The more customized your desk is, the more convenience you have!

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Suppose you are a woman and desperately need to improve your health and work-life. In that case, investing in a height adjustable desk Singapore is a perfect choice as we know the height adjustable table craze in Singapore is booming right now!! Our height adjustable stand-up desk is an outstanding piece of furniture for women.

They are available in a wide range, such as ergonomic table such as standing wood desk, pattern series, kid’s series such as marker and chalk grade, luxurious desk series, solid color series standing desk Singapore. Most of the desks from OneDesk can be used as a sit stand desk, office desk, or office table in sg, available as a small standing desk to a large standing desk.

Women are increasingly choosing to work from home to find a better balance between work and life.

In early 2022, a recent survey in Singapore claimed that more than 85% of women choose to work from home to find a better balance between work and life. The main reasons cited were spending more time with family, having a more flexible schedule, and avoiding commuting.

While some might view this as a plus development, others worry about the potential isolation of working from home. How will this affect the workplace and society as a whole? Only time will tell. Anyway, Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve found this article valuable!

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